“Do you make jeans for women?”

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All Nudie Jeans denim can be worn by men and women. We started out primarily as a menswear brand but our jeans also fit a female body as the Nudie Jeans family of fits is unisex. Nudie Jeans offers jeans for men and women from tight to the more relaxed fits in several washes from dry, black to pre washed denim.

We’re constantly extending and evolving our range to ensue we are a denim brand for both men and women. Now we’re increasing our female focus even more.

With insight from our denim specialists in our Repair Shops around the globe and the same insight from our online shop we’ve noticed that most women tend to go for our tighter fits such as Skinny Lin or Tight Terry. Then we have Lean Dean (featured above) for those who are looking for a slim to regular fit and at the other end of the spectrum a new trend has appeared in Brute Knut and Sleepy Sixten the popular choice for those going for a more relaxed fit. But there are no restrictions, everyone has their favourite fit, regardless of gender. With our Nudie Jeans Women selection, we introduced two new family members to the family of fits; Breezy Britt and Hightop Tilde. These jeans are specifically designed for a female body. Hightop Tilde has a high waist and is skinny all the way to the ankle. Breezy Britt has a more relaxed fit. And they are available in several washes. Even Nudie Jeans Women can be worn by men and women – after all, it’s the fit that matters.

On each product page we have a great measurement/comparison tool also known as the Virtual Size Guide (find it under the “BUY”-button). This tool allows you to measure your favourite pair of jeans at home and then compare them to our jeans. This way you are given an idea of what size and fit to choose from our collection if you don’t have a Nudie Jeans Repair Shop or retailer nearby.

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Re-use Drop 14 Anton Stenros Loose Leifs
Re-use #14 is now available online

We are back with another impressive drop of Re-use jeans. This time we've collected around 70 pairs of beautiful, well-worn jeans, ready for their next chapter.

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Rainbow Mixtape / Nudie Jeans Fall 2021

This collection is an aesthetic exploration of Nudie Jeans and our influences over the past 20 years.

Lofty Lo Blog Portrait
Introducing: Lofty Lo

Our range of women's denim fits is rapidly expanding, and it just got an update. Say hi to Lofty Lo. In short, Lo (pronounced Lou) is a straight-legged relaxed fit with a high waist.