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Fashion Revolution Week — 2021

In 2020, we were listed as the only brand that had full transparency in the report Out of sight: A call for transparency from field to fabric by Fashion Revolution.

“To be able to make real improvements at the factory level, supply chain transparency is key.”

At one of our partner factories in India, we have over the years funded and provided training through the Fair Wear Foundations Worker Education Programs. The training has been at the sewing facilities but also at the spinning unit.

One of the results was a high number of female line supervisors, skilled to tackle the high demands on targets and quality in production.

Nudie Jeans’ Sustainability Manager, Sandya Lang, took a chat with some of them to hear their views on the supervisor training and our living wage program. Let's check what they had to say!

anita frw
Name: Anita
Age: 23
Years worked at this supplier: 6 years
“After the training, I received increased salary and my reputation in the factory and outside.”

2-people frw
Name: Jyotsnarani
Age: 22 years
Years worked at this supplier: 2 years
“Biggest learnings is to complete the targets, have a high quality, and keep the discipline.”
Name: Kalvikarasi
Age: 20 years
Years worked at this supplier: 1 year
“ I learned discipline and how to handle the employees. It has given confidence for meeting future challenges.”
Name: Sudhanthira
Age: 21 years
Years worked at this supplier: 3 years
“I improved my skills, taking in more information and the challenge is communicating with the workers to complete the tasks.”

We also took the opportunity to ask about the extra payment, our share of living wages, which is paid by Nudie Jeans at all units at Armstrong- and how they were using the additional money:

– “I used the living wage extra for family expenses and my sister's education.”
– “I’m passing it on to my parents, so they can close some small debts.”
– “I purchased some gold and a cow.”
– “I kept half of it for myself and the rest to the family for education purposes.”

For Nudie Jeans, it is of equal interest to know the actual working conditions for the garment workers as well as any other work throughout the supply chain. That is why we work hard to map all our production locations throughout the production steps. We truly enjoy the visits to each supplier involved in Nudie Jeans and to see how we can make a difference for the individual worker in the workplace.

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