Who made your clothes -  Fashion Revolution Week – 2023
Who made your clothes -  Fashion Revolution Week – 2023

Fashion Revolution Week – 2023

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of Fashion Revolution, a global activism movement born after the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory. In the past decade, Fash Rev has mobilized advocates and generated worldwide engagement through campaigns such as #whomademyclothes and Good Clothes, Fair Pay. Working towards a fashion industry that conserves the environment and values people over profit is their driving force, and it’s a cause we can get behind.    

For us, it looks like being consistent and thorough in our transparency and Human Rights due diligence work. In 2022, we worked towards excelling our living wage programs and worker training in the areas of Anti Sexual Harassment and Social Dialogue with the support of Fair Wear Foundation. 

We also had the opportunity to visit Sustainable Crafted Clothing (SCC) in Bangalore, India. Since collaborating with the factory in 2021, 541 workers have been part of our living wage program and undergone education for Female Supervisor Training to increase the number of female supervisors. 

Employees at Sustainable Crafted Clothing, holding the #imadeyourclothes poster
Employees at Sustainable Crafted Clothing, holding the #imadeyourclothes poster.
The new ambulance at the factory.
The new ambulance at the factory.

During the visit, we were also happy to see that SCC invested in a factory ambulance with a contribution from the left over of donation Nudie Jeans made for COVID-19 vaccines in 2020. 

10 years into a Fashion Revolution, we celebrate the progress and roll up our sleeves to continue doing the work. For further reading on our transparency commitment, development of the living wage payments, and how we work to improve the conditions in our supply chain — take a look at our 2021 Sustainability report!

A few words on leather - thumbnail
A few words on leather

Throughout Nudie Jeans’ history, we’ve chosen to work with leather because just like denim, it’s a material that becomes more beautiful with time. However, the leather industry presents many challenges. Read more about our strict sourcing policy.

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