Go behind the scenes of a Re-use drop

Meet Michael Lundin, around here; he is also known as Micke or Mike. He is our very own “repair guy,” and much like the rest of the Nudie Jeans team, Micke has played a vital role in the launch of the Re-use online project.

Mike is responsible not only for the curation of the drops that you see on nudiejeans.com but all the repairs, alterations, and embroidered art that features on the Re-use drops. An incredible contribution to what has become our most sustainable product.

If some of our longtime readers feel that you may have met Mike previously or seen this behind the scenes gem before, you very well might have. But in times like these, we wanted to remind you of the value of the eventual piece of clothing in your closet that’s just one repair session away from getting back into your rotation.

Shouldn’t we all be more like Mike?

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A few sustainable seconds on why sustainability matters

We just released our annual Sustainability Report. And if you follow us on the regular, you know that we put a lot of work into this matter because it matters — a lot.

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