How to repair a pair of jeans — using the free Nudie Jeans repair kit

No matter what anyone else might say, it is indeed true that every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs forever. No matter where or when you bought them.

Besides offering free repairs on all our jeans, we also provide a free Nudie Jeans Repair Kit. These kits are for those who don’t live in (or near) a city with a Nudie Jeans Repair Shop, a Nudie Jeans Repair Partner, or simply if you prefer to repair your own jeans.

To accompany the Repair Kit, we now have this tutorial for you. The YouTube film includes timecodes that will guide you through the process of repairing your jeans with the Nudie Jeans Repair Kit.

If you need a Repair Kit, you can sign-up and request yours here. They are sent out to you free of charge.