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Introducing: Lofty Lo

Our range of women's denim fits is rapidly expanding, and it just got an update. Say hi to Lofty Lo. In short, Lo (pronounced Lou) is a straight-legged relaxed fit with a high waist.

We try to cover all bases in terms of fit – from tight to regular. We see an increase in interest for regular women's fits made with rigid denim. If that's something that appeals to you, Lofty Lo should be a serious contender. Even though it features a high waist, we intend for it to sit at the waist to offer you a bit of room over the hip and upper thigh. And the waist is designed to provide you with a snug and comfortable fit at the lower back. The well-balanced legroom gives you an overall clean, relaxed straight silhouette.

Get to know Lofty Lo better, and check out all available options.

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