Living wages and social impact 

In many countries, the minimum wage doesn't cover the cost of living, leaving workers struggling to make ends meet. However, we're committed to making a positive change. Since 2013, we've taken steps to ensure that the people who help make our Nudie Jeans products are paid fair wages. 

Our goal is simple: we believe that everyone involved in producing a Nudie Jeans item should earn a wage they can actually live on. While many in our industry have debated how to achieve this, we've chosen a hands-on approach. We work closely with our suppliers in India and have not only paid our share of living wages but also ensured that organizations like the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) verify that these payments reach the workers. 

To make sure our commitment extends across the entire Indian cotton supply chain, we participate in the Fair Trade system, guaranteeing fair wages from raw materials to the final garment. In 2021, we expanded this initiative to include our Turkish main supplier and leather garment supplier in India, encompassing all Indian main suppliers in the program. 

We take our responsibility seriously and are proud members of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving conditions for workers. We've been part of FWF since 2009, and their labor standards are incorporated into our Code of Conduct. FWF conducts annual Brand Performance Checks on its members, and the results are available to the public online. 

Regular social audits and follow-ups are performed at all our production facilities to ensure compliance with these standards and identify areas for improvement. We're pleased to report that the number of worker complaints has been minimal over the years, and these reports can be found on the FWF website. 

While audits are essential, we also believe in the importance of educating and training employees for lasting change. That's why we've engaged our suppliers and their workers in the FWF Workplace Education Program (WEP). This program, which we facilitate and fund, has been implemented in India, Turkey, and Tunisia. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of the people who make our products, every step of the way.

Re-use – One-of-a-kind jeans

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