Meet the Nudie Jeans Repair Partners.

Official repair partner Logo

Well not here but out there, around the world.

Have you ever been told that you should be careful what you wish for? In our case, there has been an increased demand for more doors offering our free repair service. Today we announce that official Nudie Jeans Repair Partners are on the way. Yes, that’s right, your wish is our command. The Nudie Jeans Eco Cycle philosophy consists of these elements: Break-inRepairRe-use, and Recycle. This is how we roadmap the life of our denim and these are elements fundamental in everything we do at Nudie Jeans. Today we are here to focus on the Repair segment of our philosophy.

We pledge that every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs.

Nudie Jeans will work with carefully selected Repair Partners all over the globe. The Repair Partners share the same passion for denim and pride in providing a high level of service to all customers, just as we do. Our Repair Partners are equally important to our Eco-Cycle as our own Repair Shops and will help us deliver our promise. The decision to open official Repair Partners and engage in long-term partnerships will make it possible to repair more Nudie Jeans. By prolonging the life of our products, we save resources and in turn minimize the impact we leave on our planet. In 2018 we repaired more jeans than we ever have repaired before (55,173 pairs to be exact) and this has been a growing trend since we introduced our repair program in 2013. Our forecast shows that there is no slowing down for us either. Repairs are hugely important for us as we look at all opportunities to prolong the life of our products.

When you visit a Nudie Jeans Repair Partner you are eligible for Free Repairs (bring them in clean!) as well as the Trade-In service.

If you don’t live near a Nudie Jeans Repair Shop you will find your nearest Repair Partner here. If you have any questions about our Repair Partners or would like to become a Repair Partner you are welcome to contact us here (

— Nudie Jeans Co.