Nudie Jeans only uses certified organic cotton. Choosing organic cotton means that we reduce our environmental impact from the very first step in the process of making a pair of jeans.  

Organic cotton is grown without any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds. Organic farming methods eliminate the risks associated with hazardous chemicals used in conventional cotton farming. No toxic chemicals mean not only safer working conditions for the farming communities but also increased soil health, and soil that is suitable for crops that also can supplement farmers’ food and income, boosting biodiversity and supporting local economies. 

About 70% of the organic cotton used for Nudie Jeans products is sourced from Türkiye, and our second largest sourcing country for cotton is India. We have visited cotton fields in both Türkiye and India as a part of our traceability work and for our interest in learning more about the raw material. The cotton sourced from the Indian supplier Chetna Organic is also Fairtrade certified. This means we have both the positive aspects of organic cotton and the Fairtrade system that guarantees fair working conditions and correct payment to the farmers for their cotton. 

And there are more benefits. No artificial pesticides or fertilizers mean no energy consumption to produce those substances. Organic cotton is rain-fed to large parts, meaning less irrigation and less strain on already water-scarce areas. With all these facts on hand, it is a mystery why less than 1% of all cotton produced worldwide is organic. 

"What to choose is a no-brainer. It’s really about common sense." 

– Joakim Levin, CEO Nudie Jeans 

Recycled Cotton 

Using recycled cotton is a great way to decrease our environmental impact. We try to use recycled cotton from our own production or our products when we can. It can be cotton coming from our fabric suppliers own waste streams, or we recycle products that did not live up to our quality standards in production. We also recycle old Nudie jeans that no longer can be repaired or resold through our re-use program. 

Re-use – One-of-a-kind jeans

Find these one-of-a-kind jeans in one of our Nudie Jeans Repair Shops or Repair Partners that offer Re-use jeans.