Sometimes we use other fibers and fiber blends in addition to organic cotton. When we, do we are mindful of prioritizing to work with recycled or certified fibers. Based on third party expertise from the textile industry as well as our own experiences we have created The Nudie Jeans Material Tool, as a framework to guide product developers and designers in their fiber and material choices.

In short, preferred fibers are recycled or reused biodegradable fibers, or so called Best Practice virgin fibers. Certified organic or equivalent, recyclable but not biodegradable fibers are also preferred but to a slightly lower degree. The traceability of fibers is crucial for determining their level of sustainability, and there are of course plenty of fibers we avoid and do not use at all.

To see our complete material tool and read more about the fibers we use on a yearly basis, head over to our sustainability report for all the details.