Used, pre-owned, vintage, handed down, second hand, third hand, fourth hand, and so on. Dear child has many names until it gets out of hand. But we just call it Re-use. That is our ongoing collaboration with you guys. 

Find these one-of-a-kind jeans in one of our Nudie Jeans Repair Shops or Repair Partners that offer Re-use jeans.

Organic Fairtrade & Recycled Cotton-QUOTE


From a life cycle perspective, prolonging the life of a garment always comes first. It can easily be done with repairs to stretch the use of it, by reselling it, or giving it an elevated and updated look with a touch of redesign. In the next stage, reusing the fabric to create something else, making patches for repairs, or shredding it into recycle material for new products, are additional solutions to keep the loop closed. This is how we tweak the system together and bend the safety pin just enough to secure it some more.

In the Nudie Jeans community, we do all of this, and in that order too. We offer our customers 20% off the next pair when handing in their old ones. The jeans that we sell again in our Re-use range are washed and then repaired if needed, and ready to become a new customer’s favorite pair of jeans.