Rest in peace to a beloved friend

Jonas Linell

Joakim and I met Jonas Linell over 20 years ago when he photographed the album cover for Joakim's band. Between the birth of Nudie Jeans in 2001 and 2016, he was our go-to guy for every collection shoot. On Thursday, October 28th, we received a message that Jonas Linell had passed away.

Jonas had a unique perspective, and his ability to capture the blue hues, embracing backlight and the contrast it brought out, and the rough graininess all felt in line with our ideas and the brand's sentiment. He had this electrifying energy and a very physical approach to his work, often crawling around on the ground to find that perfect angle for every frame. After every session, he was completely drained of energy but at it again with the same ferocity the next day.

Letting the rock n roll photographer take on the denim world was maybe a bold move, but he made rockstars of those ordinary guys off the streets, and the rest is history.

I am forever grateful for the years we worked together. Jonas was a true friend, and his impact on the brand is immeasurable – to us, Jonas is immortal. You'll be forever loved and missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace.

— Maria Erixon Levin, October 30th, 2021