Shorten the seconds

shorten the seconds image

We sometimes end up with jeans that don’t meet our quality requirements. Those products with minor imperfections – seconds – are still usable. So, we took care of those odd pairs, cut them and present you this piece of up-cycled denim. The off-cuts (legs) go back in to the loop as raw material for future recycle products.

By shortening the legs of our production seconds into shorts, we are saving resources, extending the life of existing garments and minimizing waste in the process. Also, shorts are awesome.

Summer 2018 has reached us in the Northern Hemisphere there is no better time to let you know our shorts are available in-store at Nudie Jeans Repair Shops exclusively.

Since 2012, the entire denim collection from Nudie Jeans has been made from 100% organic cotton and all Nudie jeans are sold with a promise of free repairs at all Nudie Jeans Repair Shops around the world. Nudie Jeans is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent non-profit organization that, together with companies and factories, aims to constantly improve the working conditions of employees in the factories.

The use of organic cotton leads to long-term sustainability for both the workers and the ecosystem. For example, the soil where the cotton grows can be used for other crops in between cotton harvests, which is not the case with conventional cotton where the soil becomes toxic and, in the end, impoverished.

This is the ‘short-shorts’ story.