STICA’s Progress report update — emissions for 2021

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Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action has just released the most recent Progress Report with data for 2021. The report shares insights into how a majority of Swedish textile brands are progressing toward their climate targets.

We could only agree with the statement made by Michael Schragger, Initiative Director for STICA:

“We hope the leadership demonstrated by STICA member companies will inspire other companies to do the same — to use climate action as a prerequisite and driver for business transformation. That said, transparency is not the end goal. The focus moving forward must be on actions that will reduce company and industry emissions.”

Nudie Jeans' biggest focus in our climate work right now is to decrease emissions connected to our transports as well as support our suppliers in the transition to renewable energy.

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Corporate Fiber and Material Benchmark

Climate action starts at the source of the materials we choose. As the largest peer-to-peer comparison initiative in the fashion and textile industry, the @Textile Exchange #MaterialChangeIndex is driving a race to the top.

Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS
Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS

It was never rocket science, but just because a brilliant idea pops up, clinging to the spark is never a guarantee. Until it becomes a promise.

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The shift: reduced emissions and competitive edge for Armstrong Knitting Mills

Discussions surrounding the climate have been hot topics for a while. But since the overall temperatures are going in the same direction, all players in the textile industry — big and small —need to start acting. Because every one of us shares the responsibility to decrease our CO2 emissions.