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STICA's second progress report out now

For the three years, Nudie Jeans has measured emissions and set climate targets for all three scopes in line with the 1.5-degree pathway. It's challenging but also necessary. Having absolute targets for all three scopes shows our ambition to be as transparent as possible and fits our vision to become the world's most transparent denim brand.

After years of mapping, we have identified our emissions hotspots within our supply chain, and we now take the next steps toward reducing production emissions. However, to pull this off, we have to work with our suppliers and discuss what they can do to contribute since they are an integral part of this journey. We also create internal action plans to lessen emissions from transport, business travels, and energy use in all stores and offices.

The development we see among our suppliers makes us optimistic about the development and where we're heading. Should we get our largest suppliers on board, we would hopefully see substantial reductions in total emissions.

Reduced emissions since our base year 2018:

1.     Scope 1 and 2 with -17 %
2.     Scope 3 with - 4%

For clarity, we must state that the STICA Progress Report 2022 details emissions from 2020. And for a detailed overview of our 2020 emissions, please have a look at last year's report. All other details and info about Nudie Jeans' sustainability and climate work, go here!

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