Our Vision: To Become the World's Most Sustainable Denim Company

Sustainability has always been a part of the Nudie Jeans brand promise, just like our passion for denim and selling high-quality products with an unparalleled service level. We've been on this journey for twenty years, and looking back, there's a sense of pride over what we've accomplished.

We've been publishing a Sustainability Report for many years, making it accessible for everyone to read. It's a review of all activities and projects related to our ambition to become a more sustainable brand. Because what we do affects local communities, the people within them, and the environment around them. And even though we're making good progress, we are nowhere near done. Fact is, our sustainability work probably has no end, but it's an essential tool for change. 

Our vision to become the world's most sustainable denim brand may sound ambitious, but what's the point of traveling unless you plan on going all the way? By publishing our Sustainability Report, we hope to inspire other companies to follow in our footsteps. It also allows us to give our customers insights into sustainable production and responsible consumption.

Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS
Thinking outside the shop: Reinforcing the repairs with ACS

It was never rocket science, but just because a brilliant idea pops up, clinging to the spark is never a guarantee. Until it becomes a promise.

STICA’s Progress report update — emissions for 2021

Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action has just released the most recent Progress Report with data for 2021. The report shares insights into how a majority of Swedish textile brands are progressing toward their climate targets.

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The shift: reduced emissions and competitive edge for Armstrong Knitting Mills

Discussions surrounding the climate have been hot topics for a while. But since the overall temperatures are going in the same direction, all players in the textile industry — big and small —need to start acting. Because every one of us shares the responsibility to decrease our CO2 emissions.