The Making of a Canadian Tuxedo


Breaking in denim. A long arduous journey, lasting at least 6 months, or that’s what we  recommend. There really is no right or wrong way to go about it, but as long as you wear them a lot, give them all the love and attention they deserve, you will end up with a beautiful set of denim. Meet Steven Wickenheiser. Carpenter, musician, coffee lover and overall creative. He lives in Kelowna, BC, Canada. We will follow Steven and his dry denim kit for a year. The jeans and jacket will be worn primarily at work, so let’s go to work.

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Tell us about yourself

– I have been doing carpentry since I graduated high school, I got asked by my brother to work for him and his company, and I love hands-on work, so I decided to. I love being creative. Plus you can never really go wrong with learning how to build a house or the things inside it.

– Kelowna is the California of Canada. Beautiful warm summers with nice cold winters for the ski hill. We have all that weather has to offer. We have everything from hiking trails down to entertaining places to eat.

Any other creative outlets?

– I love making and playing music when I’m not working, I play bass and acoustic guitar and have been trying to get better at drums lately, working hard at understanding how they all go together in a band setting.

– Photography has been another outlet to get my creative side out. I love capturing moments in people's lives.

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