At Nudie Jeans, we believe in being totally open about how we create our products. We want you to know exactly where your favorite garment comes from and how they're made. By knowing all the steps, from the cotton field to the packaging area, also helps us improve the conditions in our supply chain. If we don't know where or how our products are made, we can't make things better.  

It's thanks to transparent and healthy relationships with the suppliers, we can give you information about CO2 emissions, water usage, and all the suppliers involved in making every piece of garment. It is important for us to visit the suppliers yearly for an exchange of knowledge but also to build and maintain strong relationships. 

Nudie Jeans supports the Apparel and Footwear Supply Chain Transparency Pledge, which encourages the textile industry to share information about the factories where they produce. You can download a list of all our suppliers from our website. Since 2021, we have added our supplier list to Open Supply Hub. 

Re-use – One-of-a-kind jeans

Find these one-of-a-kind jeans in one of our Nudie Jeans Repair Shops or Repair Partners that offer Re-use jeans.