User Story: Lars Hjortkær

Name: Lars Hjortkær Denmark Copenhagen
Work: Apprentice chef at Fishmarket, Copenhagen
Jeans: Tight Long John Dry Twill Rinsed, both.

Lars-Hjortkaer 4

How old are your jeans?
The darkest: Tight Long John Dry Twill Rinsed, approx. 3-4 years
The lighter one: Tight Long John Dry Twill Rinsed, approx. 7 years

Have you repaired them?
– As you can see on the lighter pair, I have repaired them all over the lower back, the crotch, thighs and knees. I haven't repaired the darker pair… yet.

– The darkest pair has never been washed, only been hanging for fresh air in a window. I’ve tried to put them in the freezer to get rid of the smell, but that did not help at all. My idea with these pair of jeans has become that I’m never going to wash them. Firstly because I just want to have a pair that has never been washed Nudie. But also because it will lose its original dark blue denim color with its 3-4 years of dirty look. And I am very satisfied with the look they have now, so I don’t wish to ruin that by washing them, because then there is no going back. Maybe eventually thou, if the smell gets too bad. This is one out of ten pairs of Nudies that I have chosen not to wash, this is the non-wash project.

I have washed the lighter one 4-5 times, 30 degrees inside out. I have used these jeans A LOT! And they show a lot of signs of use. After I brought them for Roskilde Festival, I just had to wash them, because air-drying did not help at all. The smell was just too bad. These jeans are old and I can’t really remember their story, but take a look at them and they will tell the story on their own. They have been my second skin for several years.

Any weird spots?
– The lighter one: Tight Long John, NJ2213: Weird spot you say? Well, they’re everywhere! But take a look on the lighter pair, at the coin pocket in the front, talk about WEIRD. But the actually comes from my lucky coin which I always bring with me whatever kind of Nudies I am wearing. And I just love the stripes and scars they have on the shinbone, that’s almost art. They both have a brown, kinda dirty look on both front pockets from all the sweet. Both pair has become close friends to me and I just love them!

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