What the FAQ — How to avoid crotch blowouts?

How to avoid crotch blowouts on your jeans

No, you haven’t fallen down an unfortunate internet rabbit hole, ‘crotch blowout’ is a real thing – and it’s plagued jean wearers since the dawn of denim. 

We’ve all been there at one point or another: a pesky hole, rip or tear in the crotch of our favorite jeans. Sure, it’s nice to air out the underwear once in a while, but we can all agree there are far better ways of going about it…

But how do I avoid the dreaded crotch blowout? It’s a question we get asked more than most, so let’s get to it. 

The crotch area of your jeans is constantly affected by movement, which unsurprisingly makes it susceptible to wear and tear. Depending on a number of factors such as fit, how the jeans are worn, and body type, this area can be affected by strain and abrasions (or a combination of the two). 

Crotch blowouts caused by strain:

Jeans that are too tightly fitted at the hip and upper thigh are some of the main culprits of crotch blowouts. Another is wearing your jeans low. A good indicator is to check whether the fabric at the crotch gets exposed to strain when you walk. If it does, your jeans are probably a little tight or worn too low. We recommend wearing a fit that gives you enough freedom of movement so the fabric isn't subjected to strain.

Crotch blowouts caused by abrasion:

Thighs or the saddle of your bike can expose jeans to abrasions. If your thighs rub together, tighter fits will be more prone to crotch blowouts, so it’s better to choose a pair that enables you to move around more freely. If you ride your bike often and experience wear at the crotch, a less abrasive saddle could be a good investment.

In addition to the above, heavier and rigid fabrics are more resilient, so could be a good choice if you constantly find the crotch of your jeans resembling a colander. 

But remember, your own style is everything, so don’t let the fear of crotch blowouts stop you from being you. If you do fall victim to a hole down there, we’ll repair your jeans for free in all our repair shops. Don’t have one nearby? You can always order a free repair kit and follow our handy repair guide here.

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