Winner winner breaker-inner User Story: Kalle

Kalle-Kund 71

Meet Kalle: a Nudie Jeans fan, frequent customer, and friend for many years. When we reopened the refurbished shop in June 2021, Kalle was invited to check out the new digs and try out the new features. But, more importantly, he won a pair of drys of his choice and a feature user story.

– So, yeah, these are my Gritty Jackson. I picked them because the fit was new to me. Unfortunately, summer was too nice to not wear shorts. So I waited until September before I set out on this journey.

Kalle’s been wearing Nudie Jeans for many years, but it wasn’t always like that. His wife/girlfriend put him on to Nudie Jeans because, as she describes it, “Kalle is great, but when we first met, his jeans game was… pretty shitty, to be honest. He deserved better.”

– Well, she’s right, of course. But I made the switch and never went back! Also, there is something special about doing the breaking in yourself. I’ve worn pre-washed denim, but it feels weird. Like, I’m not the reason why my jeans look a certain way. I want something that reflects me.

We always say six months of daily wear before washing, and Kalle has definitely taken that to heart and always aims for at least six months.

– That almost always never works out. I think I probably went four months with these. In January, I fell while riding my bike, and a week later, the crotch blew out. So I had to wash them before repairing them.

– A funny thing is that I didn’t get any permanent marks while renovating our home. It did, however, help make them prettier. I don’t know if that’s visible now since I’ve washed them, but there was a big grass stain on one of the knees from playing tag with my kid at kindergarten.

– If there are ways to break in drys I haven’t tried, I’ll find them. I had to stop keeping keys in the back pocket because that eventually, and obviously, gnaws holes in the denim and had to be repaired. There’s also some fade on the left front pocket.

From playing drums, right?

– Well, now I’m forced to spill the beans about my music career. So, I play drums and sing backing vocals in a band called Nord & Syd, which translates to North and south. I’d say it’s classic, hallmark, Swedish pop, sung in Swedish, I should add. We just released the even more difficult third album. It’s one of those records that happened during the pandemic.

I play guitar in other bands too. But mentioning that would take the concept of the shameless plug to a whole new level... and maybe people won’t remember Holy Madre anyway, so...


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Revived from the past, these jeans are crafted from deadstock fabrics. Each pair is a patchwork of history, reinvented to create a modern fit with a vintage soul.