Skånegatan interior

A new fit: The refurbished Skånegatan Repair Shop

Blonde pinewood, muted colors, greenery, and big lighting fixtures create an intimate retail environment ready for digital reality in the newly updated Skånegatan Repair Shop.

The Repair Shop is where our customers should be fully absorbed by the brand; how it feels, smells, and sounds. Our new retail concept puts you – the customer – front and center, regardless of how much social interaction you prefer.

In this new digital reality, accessibility is way more important than "where" the transaction happens. The layout of the store becomes significant, and the unobstructed sight lines enable the staff to assemble online orders while catering to the needs of the customers in-store. With the added bookable fitting room feature, you get a chance to find that perfect pair of jeans at your own pace.

When it comes to the free repairs forever, the Skånegatan Repair Shop, of course, offers that service and now has the capacity to handle even more.

Repairing jeans.
New Official Repair Partner: Art & Science, Jakarta

With great humility, pride, and gratitude, we present [Jakarta’s Art & Science]( "Art & Science Jakarta") as a new Official Repair Partner.  

New Official Repair Partner: Liquor Store, Birmingham

Our planet’s huge, but seriously, we won’t rest until we can offer free repairs forever on all Nudie Jeans for everyone everywhere.

Three new Repair Partners added

We are delighted to present not one or two but three new Repair Partners to join our quest to make free repairs available to everyone everywhere.