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Designed by Nudie Jeans, customized by local denim dealers

We love the support we get from retailers locally. To stir up some worldwide local hype around the upcoming launch of our fit, Rad Rufus, we invited ten stores to bake their own and get creative with it.

To us, denim is always an option, and pizza is always a great idea. And who knows better what appeals to a city's denim scene than the local denim dealer? Each store got a menu of premium ingredients, and we opened up a pop-up pizzeria to prepare and deliver these delectables.

Rad Rufus is a relaxed, regular fit with room around the seat, a slightly tapered straight leg for that classic yet refined, well-balanced silhouette. So with the Rad Rufus as a base, they chose from five different dry and three washed denim options. For toppings, they decided what thread color, type of trims, and the back patch color to make it exclusive. And to add more local flavor, each store also created its own unique embo colorway.

Each store got 25 hand-numbered pairs featuring neat graphics with their store name printed on the pocket lining.

Rad Rufus is available from ten stores across the globe now! Check out exclusive variations and find out where you can get them.

Jeff-Olsson x Nudie Jeans
Jeff Olsson x Nudie Jeans

The collaboration between Nudie Jeans and Jeff Olsson isn't just about merging fashion with art; it's about intertwining two worlds that share a love for the mystique, the mythical, and the melancholic.

Ecru Embo
Ecru embo

These exceptional qualities pay homage to the expertise of Japanese denim artisans, who possess a deep understanding of both the old and the new. Designed for the present while undoubtedly destined to become tomorrow's vintage.