Summer 21 Rack

Behind the Nudie Jeans Summer 2021 Collection.

A Sunny Place for Shady People

Creating a collection is similar to making a record. You want to present something new, but at the same time, you need to pay attention to your roots and to remind people of why they love your jams. We let our Head of Design, Martin Gustavsson, take us through the Nudie Jeans Summer 2021 collection and some of the inspiration behind it.

– Summer, to me, is escapism. You want to be someplace else. Like when you’re young, you use records and movies as an escape. You feel like an outsider, and it feels great. I get inspired by stories, cultural phenomena, and subcultures. I hope this collection will evoke the emotion of being on the move, just traveling through.

– When looking for a direction for the Nudie Jeans Summer 2021 collection, we found it on the French Riviera. Not cocktail parties and expensive people on yachts, but in the photos of the Rolling Stones recording “Exile on Main St..” The images are ripe with decadence. The incarnation of rock n roll – these shaggy outsiders – in a beautiful mansion; the contrast is just perfect. So, we decided to explore what similar contrast would look like in a summer collection set against the backdrop of our hometown, Gothenburg.


The Nudie Jeans Summer 2021 Collection

The seasons are changing, but Gothenburg stays the same and is always the starting point in everything we do. This industrial town’s roughness is always present; every collection is an homage to our hometown, and there’s almost certainly always a nod toward popular culture.

– There’s an understated sense of humor in the attire we choose for the summer that I like. We dress comfortably, wearing wider jeans and loose-fitting, colorful shirts. So, for this collection, we went for straight and wide silhouettes. Denim, of course, workwear in earth-tones, ecru, and camouflage.

– The Hawaiian shirt is a safe bet. Arvid is a long-time friend made with TENCEL™ Lyocell, and Aron is a new, wider fit made with organic cotton to add a bit of sturdiness to it.

– But we didn’t just want to make a nice summer collection; we wanted something to contrast all the summery stuff to make it stand out. The black shirt with gold embroidery and the jacket with embellishments added some glam that you usually don’t see in a summer collection. Then there’s Robby, the red suede jacket, a piece that will definitely make you stand out.

Making Summer 2021 Last Longer

– This collection will be split into two separate drops. The first one has more of that glam: jackets, shirts, et cetera. But, as the temperature rises, there will be shorts and other garments to get you ready for your vacation. Just like Exile on Main St. was a double album with four genres on each side, but the whole album is really cohesive. These two drops differ from each other, but they complement each other perfectly.

– Finally, and probably most importantly, there’s always the contrast between dry and worn-in denim. Even though we never aim to make a collection that appeals to everyone, denim is always there to make every Nudie Jeans collection inclusive. Because anyone can relate to a favorite pair of jeans.

    Jeff-Olsson x Nudie Jeans
    Jeff Olsson x Nudie Jeans

    The collaboration between Nudie Jeans and Jeff Olsson isn't just about merging fashion with art; it's about intertwining two worlds that share a love for the mystique, the mythical, and the melancholic.

    Ecru Embo
    Ecru embo

    These exceptional qualities pay homage to the expertise of Japanese denim artisans, who possess a deep understanding of both the old and the new. Designed for the present while undoubtedly destined to become tomorrow's vintage.