Curated by Bianca Valle

Today we are honored to introduce our next Curated By guest Bianca Valle.

Bianca is a New York-based certified Holistic Nutritionist, painter, and wellness advocate. We crossed paths during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and I think it’s safe to say a lot has happened in the world since this chance interaction. It wasn’t long after CFW that we noticed Bianca is one of the very first individuals to promote self-isolation for the good of others.

It could be safe to say that many of you might be looking for work from home tips, nutritional advice, or workout ideas at the moment. Yes? Great! Today is definitely your lucky day.

Bianca is a champion “positive promoter,” and her Instagram Stories are maxed with loads of helpful messages and links to how to tackle all of the above. Guaranteed the best positive vibes that you will encounter today.

We believe that good music and thoughtfully curated playlists will always play their part in our day to day lives, so sending you this message and sharing this playlist today feels really good for us.

It’s time to press play and enjoy the collection of songs and energy Bianca has compiled for you.

Please go follow Bianca on Instagram ([@vbiancav]( and check out her website where her popular book “[A Note On Wellness](” can be found.

We are grateful for your contribution, Bianca. Thank you!