Curated by Jayda G

This month we have the honor of introducing a Nudie Jeans exclusive playlist curated by DJ, Music Producer & Environmental Toxicologist, Jayda G.

Campaigning through music, art, and events is nothing new but it could be argued that it is more important and relevant than ever with reference to the state of our planet and the climate crisis.
Jayda is from the west coast of Canada, having spent a good chunk of her life in biology and ecology, Jayda hasn’t steered from the environmental side of her career all the whilst creating music, DJ’ing and touring.

Holding a firm position in the electronic scene as one of the top DJ’s around, her eclectic disco and house DJ sets are nothing short of incredible — it is truly inspiring to follow Jayda’s dedication to the environment and her journey within music.

If you are not a Spotify user please use this opportunity to check out Jayda’s talk series JMG Talks, listen to her radio show on BBC Radio 1, find a podcast interview with Jayda or get her debut album ‘Significant Changes‘ which is released on the legendary Ninja Tune label. So in other words, there are lots of other Jayda G tips here today if you aren’t following the Nudie Jeans Spotify series.

Thank you, Jayda!