Curated by Molly Steele

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Today we have the honor of introducing you to music carefully curated by LA-based analog photographer and photojournalist Molly Steele.

In conversation, Molly is open, honest, and endearing when answering questions about her photography. These traits can are transcribed and flow fluid throughout her work.

No matter the subject found before Molly’s camera, a human being, or a vast landscape, there is a significant sense of intimacy exposed in her photography. You will also recognize the awareness and trust captured within each frame, nature or model it’s consistent throughout. And almost like it’s a signature, her composition always catches the mutual respect between subject and lens.

Molly’s photography can and will take you places.

During the making of this playlist, Molly had ridden a freight train along California’s coastline and of course, she had a camera with her. Along with her camera Molly tad taken a recently purchased Super 8 camera on this trip. As somewhat of a mini-exclusive Molly has given us permission to share some images and the Super 8 mini-movie from the trip with you.

We hope that this short introduction to Molly’s ‘Curated By‘ playlist ruffled your curiosity. From here, we suggest you head straight to her website to view selected works and also follow her Instagram — when you start scrolling the feed, please do so while listening to her soundtrack she has created for us. Hopefully, by now, you’re already there.

This is ‘Curated By Molly Steele‘ folks. Please enjoy.

Thank you, Molly!