Higg BRM: Another Highscore to end the year on a positive note

Higg helps brands and businesses accelerate their transformation into a more sustainable future. Their integrated software platform, the Higg Index, features tools for standardized measurement of a company's value chain sustainability, from sourcing materials to a product's end-of-use. These tools serve to help highlight and present a brand's environmental and social impact.

One such tool is the Brand and Retail Module (BRM), which assesses the risk and impact of our operations and sustainability. We’ve filled it out for three years straight, and after a thorough third-party verification process, our Higg BRM is complete. So, we are humbled, very happy, and proud to say that Nudie Jeans are Verified! And we are, of course, delighted to share our scores:

Nudie Jeans' Higg Brand and Retail Module scores for 2021 are as follows:
Total Environmental score 71,4%
Total Social Score 70,2%

This lets us benchmark Nudie Jeans' BRM scoring against previous results and other brands. But more importantly, identify sustainability hotspots to set a more straightforward path for improving sustainability performances throughout our value chain.

We're proud of the positive results and the insights gained from working with the module. It helps strengthen our internal sustainability processes, work cross-functional, and deepen our understanding of sustainability from all relevant aspects of our business.

Management System:
Environmental 100,0%
Social 95,0%

Environmental 73,4%
Social 75,7%

Environmental 60,0%
Social 76,9%

Operations and Logistics:
Environmental 52,4%
Social 33,3%