We might just be the most transparent denim company in the world...

To give you a bit of context, we present a brief catch-up: In 2013, one of our owners said, "One day, we're going to be the most transparent denim brand in the world." A bold statement, but we had just launched our Production Guide, being one of the first brands in the industry to offer everyone a look into our production.

In December 2020, we reached another significant; we introduced product-level transparency. And that statement from 2013 was probably a truth by that point. We offered our customers every bit of information about raw material and production process, to the final stages of manufacturing and transport. And even though that was a significant milestone, we felt that we lacked something. And maybe that something was the most critical part of it all.

Today, we are proud to deliver news that we have added co2 emissions and water use for many products on nudiejeans.com. We started making these calculations for our Fall 2021 collection. And we will, of course, keep collecting and add this data for every Nudie Jeans collection moving forward. We should, of course, brag about reaching 100% supply chain transparency. Still, we know that we have to be on our toes. Since we are now in a position where we lead this development, we need to aim even higher. So we will just mention it. But that's not to say we aren't super proud of this accomplishment.

“Transparency is a tool for change, not the end goal.”
– Fashion Revolution / @fash_rev

Additional info about our supply chain transparency

Without transparency, there's no way for us to address non-compliances within our supply chain. And it's our responsibility to keep everyone involved in the production safe and lessen our environmental impact. Keeping track of everything within the supply chain making improvements is a never-ending process. Still, when we see the benefits of the work we do, it's all worth it. We know there are things to improve, but we are proud to offer you the service.

We visit many of our suppliers every year. We are committed to the progress of the social and environmental wellbeing of everyone involved in creating Nudie Jeans products. Working together with our suppliers, forming stronger bonds, makes it possible to share this data with our customers.