Faktum jag bär på en historia, i carry a story
Faktum jag bär en historia. i carry a story

I Carry A Story

Why is it that some people's stories become book titles and newspaper headlines, while others are never even told? Now we shed light on the reality that many close their eyes to. Everyone, all of us, carry a story. So do you. And the Faktum seller you may have avoided on the street.

"Jag bär på en historia", which translates to "I Carry A Story", is a small drop with twelve one of a kind re-use products based on the turning point in twelve Faktum-magazine sellers lives.

All profit goes directly to Faktums work for a society without homelessness, poverty, and exclusion.


Faktum is a Swedish street newspaper that is sold by homeless and socially vulnerable people in Sweden. The newspaper was founded in 2001 and is published on a monthly basis. The aim of Faktum is to provide people in vulnerable situations with a source of income and a way to improve their own situation, while also raising awareness about issues related to homelessness and poverty. The content of the newspaper includes a mix of current events, social issues, and personal stories, and it is written by both journalists and the vendors themselves.

Faktum jag bär på en historia
Faktum Jag bär på en historia
Faktum Re-use jeans jag bär på en historia
Faktum Re-use jeans jag bär på en historia
Faktum Re-use jeans jag bär på en historia
Faktum Re-use jeans jag bär på en historia
Jeff-Olsson x Nudie Jeans
Jeff Olsson x Nudie Jeans

The collaboration between Nudie Jeans and Jeff Olsson isn't just about merging fashion with art; it's about intertwining two worlds that share a love for the mystique, the mythical, and the melancholic.

Ecru Embo
Ecru embo

These exceptional qualities pay homage to the expertise of Japanese denim artisans, who possess a deep understanding of both the old and the new. Designed for the present while undoubtedly destined to become tomorrow's vintage.