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New Fit: Sleepy Sixten

It’s always special for us to introduce a new Nudie Jeans fit for you.

Today, 12th Sept. we proudly present you newest family member, Sleepy Sixten.

The process of developing a new fit is precious and somewhat of a secret operation – right up until our design and product development teams start running around the office looking for the fitting models they’ve requested. It’s not really until then we know that something extra special is going down behind the closed doors of the lab at HQ. Not too long after word of these fittings makes it around the buzz begins to seep from the lab throughout the entire office.

Sleepy Sixten is a regular relaxed fit with a straight leg. Classic and yet contemporary, wear it high and tight for the classic look, or oversized and low for a more baggy look. 

Available at all Repair Shops and nudiejeans.com today.