Nudie Jeans Seven Dials now open

9 2 journal

Dear London, we have officially made it possible for you to repair more Nudie Jeans denim and opened our third Repair Shop location. Welcome!

Nudie Jeans Seven Dials
57-59 Monmouth Street
London WC2H 9EZ

Instagram: @nudiejeanslondon
Twitter: @nudiejeans

    Repairing jeans.
    New Official Repair Partner: Art & Science, Jakarta

    With great humility, pride, and gratitude, we present [Jakarta’s Art & Science]( "Art & Science Jakarta") as a new Official Repair Partner.  

    New Official Repair Partner: Liquor Store, Birmingham

    Our planet’s huge, but seriously, we won’t rest until we can offer free repairs forever on all Nudie Jeans for everyone everywhere.

    Three new Repair Partners added

    We are delighted to present not one or two but three new Repair Partners to join our quest to make free repairs available to everyone everywhere.