The Cultivation Company Svalan


In an episode of 'The Naked Truth About,' you met our friend and tattoo artist, Joel Albertsson.

In the episode, we visited Joel's countryside home. Here he gave us a tour of his dream project, which leads him to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle for himself and his family.

Through his continued refining of lifestyle and developing sustainable means of living, Joel has launched a new project called Odlingsbolaget Svalan.

Odlingsbolaget Svalan is a farm focusing on sustainable vegetable cultivation. They aim to provide small-scale produced local vegetables in season directly to customers without intermediaries. They also want to engage customers' interest in how food is produced and rebuild some of the romantic views of agriculture through experience.

"We work with a method called "No Dig" or "No-Till," which means disturbing the network of microorganisms and fungal mycorrhizae in the soil as little as possible. These networks circulate nutrients and make the nutrients biologically available to the plants. They also protect the plants against disease."

"Instead of plowing and digging, we cover the soil with raised beds made of compost and manure. This feeds the soil with organic material and suffocates weeds at the same time as it reduces the need for irrigation and the supply of other nutrients."

"We plan to focus on regenerative agriculture. We will build up our resources instead of depleting our land. This is to give ourselves and our children a better future — instead of just a sustainable one. We will continue to develop the farm; we will produce eggs, berries, fruits, nuts, and much more."

– Joel Albertsson (co-Founder Odlingsbolaget Svalan)