Re-worked Browns, Maria Erixon

Re-worked – handmade by Maria Erixon Levin, crafted exclusively for Browns

Re-worked Browns, Maria Erixon

"Things you thought lost forever – there's something beautiful in mending them – improving them, making the imperfections part of something new."
–  Maria Erixon Levin

We've always been amazed by the aging properties of denim and how it becomes more beautiful over time. However, very few in life things last forever, but when it comes to denim, repairing is not only a way to extend the life of your jeans and be environmentally conscious; it's a way to make them even more beautiful.

On October 4th, we launch a small capsule collection of sixteen hand-mended selvage pieces. This unique collection was crafted exclusively for Browns and will sell at their Browns East boutique in Shoreditch.


Fifteen pairs of selvage jeans and a denim shirt, all hand-mended with beautiful indigo fabrics by Nudie Jeans co-founder and creative visionary Maria Erixon Levin, at her house on the island Gullholmen, in the western archipelagos of Sweden.

The project showcases Maria's hands-on creativity, her love for denim, visions about responsible consumerism, and how these things make us reevaluate the way we think about wear and tear.

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Designed by Nudie Jeans, customized by local denim dealers

We've got special orders out for delivery. They will be available exclusively at select neighborhood denim dealers worldwide May 18.

Re-use Drop 14 Anton Stenros Loose Leifs
Re-use #14 is now available online

We are back with another impressive drop of Re-use jeans. This time we've collected around 70 pairs of beautiful, well-worn jeans, ready for their next chapter.