Repairs & Re-use highlights made last year

There's nothing like breaking in a fresh pair of dry's, except maybe, breaking old records.

Although some would argue, for us there are only two types of needles in the world. Those you put on the record, and those leaving stitches in your jeans. Safety pins are a species of their own.

Thanks to you, everyone who's helped us fix what can be fixed and pass on the rest to the revivers, we've crossed a line. So, we just wanted to say thanks and let you know that we're putting the needle on this record and will let it spin for a while. Because what you do matters, every time. Last year we repaired 65 386 pairs of jeans and that is more than any year before.

In school, we learned about the eco-cycles of Earth, how water from the oceans and lakes evaporates into clouds and fall back down on our heads in the shape of rain or snow. And for many of us, the circle of life was probably first introduced when wise man Rafiki raised the future lion king to the sky on that pointy cliff. There somewhere we started to connect the dots, and we haven't stopped since.

When one journey ends another begins, and for us, denim is no exception. So, returning to the records, because we love old news. In 2022, we got back 20 772 pairs of jeans in our Re-use program, another all-time high. Together we let those jeans keep going, become someone else's favourite pair, a patch on a ripped knee, or degrade into fibers for new fabrics. Closing the loop is one of our biggest drives and it makes perfect sense. We want yesterday's paper, so keep em coming!

Thanks for another great year together.


  • Repaired jeans: 65 386

  • Collected jeans: 20 772

  • Sold Reuse jeans: 3 984