Brooklyn! Your new Nudie Jeans Repair Shop is now open.

We are proud to announce the opening of the second Nudie Jeans Repair Shop location in New York City. Our new repair shop is in the heart of Brooklyn at 116 Bedford Ave.  

As we expand our presence in New York and North America, we extend the promise of free repairs forever — it also strengthens our brand presence globally, as New York has always been one of the world's travel destinations. 


The Repair Shop experience is a social, tactile, and inclusive experience of Nudie Jeans. It's where our customers can experience Nudie Jeans; how the brand feels, smells, and sounds. Visitors can enjoy our women's and men's collections, take a moment at the denim bar, browse the Re-use options, or have their jeans repaired. Aesthetically we reference our Scandinavian roots, Japanese craftsmanship, and our love of all things indigo.     

As we urge customers to wear our products a lot, this comes with our promise and added value of free repairs. Opening more Nudie Jeans Repair Stores allows us to extend our services to more people.  

The new Nudie Jeans Brooklyn location is at 116 Bedford Avenue, in Brooklyn. We invite you to visit us whenever you are in town!


Wide Heidi
Wide Heidi

Wide Heidi is the opposite of the last twenty years - low, wide and swaying!