The backstage story of Nudie Jeans

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A new book on the art of building a global brand by the founder of Nudie Jeans.

Maria Erixon founded the denim brand Nudie Jeans with Joakim Levin, her husband at the time, in 2001.

“At the time, we were almost the only company building a brand based tangibly on values. When we started Nudie Jeans in 2001, we decided that environmental awareness and human rights would permeate everything we did. The world has largely caught up in 2019 and as we’ve grown, opportunities have opened up to us to be able to contribute to the journey. We’re trying to make good use of the chance,” writes Maria Erixon in the book.

In the new book Start Your Own F*cking Brand, Maria writes about the little company that became a global brand, about successes and setbacks, and the sacrifices that entrepreneurship requires. The book is also a love letter to denim and the indigo dye that turns each pair of jeans into a unique work of art – and to everyone who has been part of the journey.

Start Your Own F*cking Brand is now published as a hardback in English and Swedish.
You can find both versions in book stores and

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