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The importance of Biodiversity

We are proud partners in Mistra's new BioPath research program. Mistra is a Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research, and the program focuses on integrating consideration for biodiversity in the decision-making processes. Being a part of this is, of course, very exciting for us.

Through dialog, this partner network, consisting of an international research team and key players from a wide range of industries, will work toward an increased understanding of our different businesses' impact on biodiversity, contributing to real impact and transformative change.

We started Nudie Jeans’ biodiversity work a while back. Through these three master theses #one, #two, #three (also linked below), we gained valuable insights into the environmental impact of cultivating organic cotton. The project was carried out as a qualitative case and field study in western Turkey. And we learned more about how our long-term sustainability work has reduced our business’ negative impact on biodiversity.

Learn more about the findings of the thesis and Mistra BIOPATH research program below:


Links to the thesis

  1. https://odr.chalmers.se/handle/20.500.12380/303585

  2. https://odr.chalmers.se/handle/20.500.12380/304036

  3. https://odr.chalmers.se/handle/20.500.12380/304973

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