The Making of a Canadian Tuxedo: Month 3

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Only 3 months of wear and we’re seeing results that most people would spend 18 months and fat wad of cash to develop. Let’s just say that hard work does pay off. This is the next installment in the 12 month break-in journey.

April journal entry:

Work has been crazy. Long, 9-10 hour days. Building some very specific custom homes. It’s been a challenge on a skill level, which is good. Its a perfect time to grow in my abilities.

Weekends have also been full of travel adventures. One to Vancouver to check out the international car show and one just to leave the city to get some solitude.
Most days now are in its mid 20’s, Kelowna couldn’t be any better weather wise.

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Re-use Kaihara Selvage
The Nudie Jeans Guide to Selvage Denim

To claim that we love selvage denim would be quite an understatement. Calling it love wouldn't be fair because it's too important for us to call it just that.


Revived from the past, these jeans are crafted from deadstock fabrics. Each pair is a patchwork of history, reinvented to create a modern fit with a vintage soul.