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Over the course of the past 6 months we’ve seen Steven break in his Dry Selvage Steady Eddies in a spectacular way. An unfortunate turn of events made it impossible for Steven to follow through with his 12 Month Break-In Journey. However we’re glad that we got 6 months of great wear and tear, and proof that our dry selvage jeans will stand the ultimate test of serving as everyday workwear for this brilliant person.

We want to thank Steven for partaking in this project, and wish him lots of luck with his future endeavors. Follow Steven on Instagram.

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Re-use Kaihara Selvage
The Nudie Jeans Guide to Selvage Denim

To claim that we love selvage denim would be quite an understatement. Calling it love wouldn't be fair because it's too important for us to call it just that.


Revived from the past, these jeans are crafted from deadstock fabrics. Each pair is a patchwork of history, reinvented to create a modern fit with a vintage soul.