Three new Repair Partners added


We are delighted to present not one or two but three new Repair Partners to join our quest to make free repairs available to everyone everywhere.

Since 2012, we’ve offered free repair forever for every pair of Nudie Jeans. Regardless of where, when, or how you got them. There are 35 Nudie Jeans Repair Shops in 23 cities worldwide, so we are a few cities short. Luckily, some of the world’s best denim dealers sell our product and are just as committed to keeping our promise, offering free repairs to the locals.

With great humility, pride, and gratitude, we welcome three Official Repair Partners.

Vielgut, Eindhoven the Netherlands

Denim D’artisan, Singapore

Standard Denim Supply, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Repairing jeans.
New Official Repair Partner: Art & Science, Jakarta

With great humility, pride, and gratitude, we present [Jakarta’s Art & Science]( "Art & Science Jakarta") as a new Official Repair Partner.  

New Official Repair Partner: Liquor Store, Birmingham

Our planet’s huge, but seriously, we won’t rest until we can offer free repairs forever on all Nudie Jeans for everyone everywhere.

Auckland, Ponsonby, New Zealand — the Repair Shop is now open

We just opened our first Repair Shop in New Zealand. For us to extend the promise of free repairs forever seriously strengthens our brand presence in Oceania.