User Stories: Ben

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Ben started wearing his Grim Tim Dry Selvage the first day of his temporary position here at HQ. The intention was to go the full distance and wash them after 6 months, but landed a full time position so the jeans have yet to see the inside of the washer.


“During 6 months, without washing, the answer has slowly but surely been developing in front of me. We’ve not only managed to become a permanent part of the Nudie Jeans family, we have also explored the great archipelago of Northern Sweden, given Emmy-Lou Harris and Neil Rodgers a ride from the airport and moved in with my girlfriend.

I haven’t had the need to repair them yet, except for the inside of the left pocket. But with the coming of the Swedish summer, I started riding my bike to work and they’ll need some minor strengthening-work done in the crotch area soon.

So, what does a temp position at Nudie Jeans look like – in jeans? You judge for yourself, but I’m leaning towards something along the lines of: Pretty freaking spectacular.”


Re-use Kaihara Selvage
The Nudie Jeans Guide to Selvage Denim

To claim that we love selvage denim would be quite an understatement. Calling it love wouldn't be fair because it's too important for us to call it just that.


Revived from the past, these jeans are crafted from deadstock fabrics. Each pair is a patchwork of history, reinvented to create a modern fit with a vintage soul.