User Stories: Martin Sandklef


Here’s Martin’s High Kai Recycle Dry Navy. Reckless living, holes and a whole lot of repairs. This is what love looks when you put in 6 months of everyday wear.

– These were my go-to pair of jeans pretty much every day for 6 months. I did everything in them, and I might have exaggerated it a bit just to break them in perfectly. In my opinion, I did a pretty decent job. I’m particularly proud of the fact that all repairs are done by me.

– I got them from the Vallgatan Repair Shop in the spring of 2012, and in November I turned them inside-out and threw them in the washing machine for the first time. 60 °c, no-bleach detergent. Nowadays, I can’t even wear them half a day without them breaking. It’s a shame, really.

Martin-S 1
High-Kai-Recycle-Dry-Navy-Martin-S-Detail 2
High-Kai-Recycle-Dry-Navy-Martin-S-Detail 3
High-Kai-Recycle-Dry-Navy-Martin-S-Detail 1