We heart Sarah Klang

What a year it's been for Sarah Klang, a new album in "Creamy Blue," Grammy nominations, and sold-out tours for our fellow Gothenburgian. 

It was the other day we saw Sarah standing on stage with Nina Persson (The Cardigans); it turns out they were singing a duet live on Swedish national television. 
Sarah released her sophomore album "Creamy Blue" and has been touring in support of its release throughout the autumn. 

We couldn't help but take a moment here today to share a couple of candid moments caught off the stage with Sarah and her band (fully kitted in Nudie Jeans). 
Sarah, congratulations on an amazing album and all your achievements in 2019. 
All photographs by @isak.asia  


If you haven't taken the opportunity already, you should enjoy some YouTube time with the CCTV session filmed at Nudie Jeans HQ while you're here.