Welcome to Nudie Jeans Repair Shop JKBG, Stockholm

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At 1100 hours, Sweden time, we gently opened the door to our new Repair Shop at Jakobsbergsgatan 11 in Stockholm. This is our second Repair Shop in our fair capital and we are really happy to be up and running.

The interior looks great, we got green walls and a brass wall. We also have the first-ever dry selvage floor in the history of the world. It will of course break in beautifully. And who knows, this floor might become incarnated as jeans in the future?

Like always we offer free repairs on all Nudie Jeans denim in need of a little TLC, and our full range of jeans, shirts, jackets, and accessories. 

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Repairing jeans.
New Official Repair Partner: Art & Science, Jakarta

With great humility, pride, and gratitude, we present [Jakarta’s Art & Science](https://artandscience.id/ "Art & Science Jakarta") as a new Official Repair Partner.  

New Official Repair Partner: Liquor Store, Birmingham

Our planet’s huge, but seriously, we won’t rest until we can offer free repairs forever on all Nudie Jeans for everyone everywhere.

Three new Repair Partners added

We are delighted to present not one or two but three new Repair Partners to join our quest to make free repairs available to everyone everywhere.