What the FAQ — Why are most jeans blue?

Why are most jeans blue?

We were navigating the Google search terms surrounding denim and jeans. And stumbled upon one of the most frequently asked Q's, "Why are most jeans blue". That's an interesting question that needs a better answer than what we could find.

Back in the day, blue indigo dye was chosen for the way it interacted with cotton. When heated, most dyes penetrate the cotton fibers, but indigo dye actually attaches itself to the surface. That results in only one laid of the thread being dyed blue, whilst the others are left white. This also reduces the amount of dye needed for each pair, so in practical terms, it was more efficient. And that, my friends, is also why most jeans are blue on the outside and white on the inside.

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Today Kaine navigates his way through Google search results for this truly relevant question. But do we find the answer to the blue denim question for you?

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