What the FAQ — Why is selvage denim more expensive?

Why is selvage or (selvedge) denim more expensive?

We get this question a lot, why is selvage denim more expensive than normal dry denim or "regular" denim?

Allow Anna from our Customer Care team to break down some of the reasons in the video above as to why you might be investing in a new pair of selvage denim in the not-too-distant future.

The simple answer is that selvage denim requires craftsmanship. The production process itself is signified by its slower production speed, and lower output. 

Selvage denim, at least the ones we use, relies on vintage weaving looms that date back at least 70 years. Thus, looms are scarce, and spare parts are so rare that they often need to be salvaged from other looms. This makes the actual operation complex, and maintenance requires knowledge that is not necessarily possessed by your average loom technician. The actual production speed is also far slower than that of modern looms. Fabric width is about half of that from a modern loom, and output speed is around a fifth. So, roughly selvage output is somewhere around 10% compared to that of a modern loom. Another factor is where it is produced, we mainly use selvage denim from Japan. In Japan, denim is a craftsmanship to the fullest extent and this reflects on the price. While all of this adds to the final price of a selvage garment, there is more to selvage than just the price. So, if you got five minutes, we’ll explain why we consider selvage to be the best there is. Because that has very little to do with its price. Let’s start with the basics, what is selvage denim?

And remember — wear, repair, repeat. You decide how far they go. Explore the selvage selection!

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