Who made your Nudie Jeans?

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Have you ever wondered how your clothes are made? Today, we highlight the people who make Nudie Jeans garments and pay respect to all the employees in the textile industry in a need for a safe and healthy working environment. If brands don’t tell you how their garments were produced – ask your favorite brand #whomademyclothes?

The Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh 2013 captured the effects of the fast fashion business models, where the need for cheap and fast-produced garments is higher than the safe working conditions of the people who are making the garments.
At Nudie Jeans, we want to slow down the consumption patterns, slow down the consumption pace and offer sustainable long-lasting garments which are produced in a fair way. The social aspects of sustainability and working conditions at our suppliers have been the core focus in our sustainability work for many years. We have a strict sourcing policy on where we want Nudie Jeans garments to be made, and we put equally high standards at all our suppliers regardless if they are located in high or low-risk countries.

We are an open book. On every product page you can see the for details on where we produce our garments.

The daily work in this area consists of making improvement after social audits and providing workplace training and education for employees at the suppliers.

Every year we make a report for Fair Wear Foundation, which reports all the work done in our supply chain, the 2021 Social Report is now available online (2018 Social Report), and you can read it too. We highly recommend you check it out to find more information on how the working conditions are for the people producing Nudie Jeans garments.

Don’t ever hesitate to raise your voice if you ever wonder where or how your garments are being produced.

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