Our jeans are meant to be worn a lot. We use only high quality fabrics and the sewing is top class. But at the same time, denim is not armor. The more you wear your jeans, the closer they get to that rainy day when a rip occurs. Fortunately we’ve got the remedy. As we provide the jeans, we also take care of them when they’re torn. Just wash your jeans and hand them in to your closest Nudie Jeans Repair Shop. When our guys are done, you have an updated version of your favourite jeans.

Repair Shops

We don’t call our stores ‘Repair Shops’ for nothing. Just as important as selling jeans it is for us to repair what we once sold. Wash your jeans and hand them in at your closest Nudie Jeans Repair Shop. When they’re done you have a new version of your old favourite. Making your mark on your things adds value to them and make them worth caring for.

The idea behind the Nudie Jeans Repair Shops is that they are hubs for our jeans to be repaired, resold as second-hand or even donated to the Nudie Jeans recycling program.

Repair Store Collage

Repair Partners

If you feel the moon is closer than any of our Repair Shops, you can look for our Repair Partners. They’re fully equipped and handle your repairs as if you had left your jeans at our shop. Of course they do it for free as well.

Mobile-repair-partner Copy

Mobile Repair Station

We have also got repairs on wheels touring around the globe. Catch the Mobile Repair Station as it hits your town.

In 2019 we repaired 63,281 pairs of jeans, which means we prolonged the life of  50 000 kg of clothes. That's an increase of 15% up on 2018. If each person who repaired their jeans with us had decided to buy a new pair, the production of these jeans would demand 443,000 tons of water, an amount that would fill 177 Olympic swimming pools.

Repair Kit

If there’s no Repair Shop around the corner where you live and there are no planned visits from the Mobile Repair Station, you can order a free of charge Repair Kit.