Introducing: Nudie Jeans Women

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Nudie Jeans Women is a curated selection of timeless jeans and tops.

All our jeans are unisex and worn by men and women, boys and girls, and everyone in between.

As a part of the Fall 2018 collection, we introduce Nudie Jeans Women – a new selection that includes tops, jackets, and jeans. Along with the denim selection, we are able to present an all-new fit in ‘Breezy Britt’ which is a regular tapered fit, and the previously introduced ‘Hightop Tilde’ fit in two new washes to compliment the previous ‘Hightop Tilde’ range released in the Spring 2018 collection. Also included are new jackets ‘Tove’ and ‘Gudrun’ and the new tee ‘Ebba’. Available in-store at all Repair Shops and online today.

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Designed by Nudie Jeans, customized by local denim dealers

We've got special orders out for delivery. They will be available exclusively at select neighborhood denim dealers worldwide May 18.

Re-use Drop 14 Anton Stenros Loose Leifs
Re-use #14 is now available online

We are back with another impressive drop of Re-use jeans. This time we've collected around 70 pairs of beautiful, well-worn jeans, ready for their next chapter.